Monday, April 9, 2012

Austin's trip to Memphis- Day 1

The hospital here is about a 4 hour drive from home. I was also told we are not is a very good part of town so we stopped in Germantown for gas AND Starbucks!

The Fex Ex Family house was so nice and gated. hahaha. I will definitely have to send them a thank you card and donation. We had to be here at the hospital bright in early at 5:30 am. When we got here Austin had a CT scan with no sedation (He was a champ!), then we met several nurses, got his EEG put on, had a PT and OT consult, and slept a lot in between. I did get him to eat a little lunch. The food actually isn't too bad. Then this afternoon we met his Neurologist (Dr. Amy). We talked for about an hour and that is unheard of in a hospital. I am impressed. She had lots of questions but I had more. She had seen him seize on EEG and watched him on video that is in our room. He has had several today. Tonight we are going down on 1 med. We will see what is EEG down tomorrow. If no change we know we prob need to just come off of that one. If it is worse, that means that one is working. For Austin, seizure control (per Dr. Amy) would be maybe a few very short ones in the morning and possibly 1 or 2 randomly during the day that is very short. That probably sounds awful to some but great to me. Sometimes he would have 30 a day. Then we talked about VNS, Ketogenic Diet, and lots more. This doctor was so nice and asked if I had ever seen his MRIs, wanted to print them and show me tomorrow, wants to research why his muscle tone is so low (she was expecting him to be tight). Lots of info for 1 day. After she left the nurse came to stay with Austin so I could get his stuff out of the car. I brought his walker and some toys and got him OUT of that bed. He loved it. Well, I will post again soon. Prayers for Austin are always welcome appreciated.

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