Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tooth Fairy

One thing that a special needs mom will worry herself to death about is their little boy loosing his first tooth. I can remember being so excited when Bryce lost his first tooth and couldn't wait to play tooth fairy. This time around all I could think about was, " Is Austin going to swollow it?" Or " is he going to chew on it?"  We noticed Austin's bottom permanent tooth came in over Christmas. Of course the dentist was closed till after the new year. It was loose and getting looser but I just couldn't pull it. Well I guess that's what dad is for. I pretty much threatened his life if he hurt my baby. And I meant every word of that. So last night after a bath guess he came out with a bloody mouth???? 
I didn't know what to think. I was happy, sad, confused, and mostly just hoped Austin would be in a better mood. He's been very cranky the last few day and not eating too well. 
Guess now we need to call the dentist and cancel that sedation for a while (they were probably going to go ahead and pull the tooth beside it also). This should buy us a little time but I will get their optinion about it first. 
Just like any other kid, the tooth fairy came last night!!!!
Wonder what Big A is going to buy????  I'm guessing a ninja turtle. More on that to come. 

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  1. As a special needs mom, I'm sure you're looking for ways to make things easier for Bryce and everyone involved. Aside from getting sedated as a possible solution, getting a dentist who knows how to deal with Bryce's condition is important. Were you able to go through with it? If you did, I hope it worked out well in the end. Take care!

    Warren Fitzgerald @ Brockington Dental