Friday, October 23, 2009

*Baby Feet*

Okay, I know it has been a while since I have posted. I am sorry. I love to blog and read other people's too. Sometimes I just want to let everyone in the world know what I am feeling. Other times I would like to hibernate like a bear. LOL.

Now for the post. Baby feet! This might sound like a weird one but really it isn't. It is about Austin, of course. He is my baby. 2 years old but still my baby. Thursday as we were playing in the floor and getting ready to do some in home therapy I decided to put his AFO's on (leg braces). He wears these every day for at least a couple of hours. Today we would work on standing and possibly cruising. It was worth a try anyways. Okay so as I put his braces on it got me thinking. When I think baby feet, this is what I picture.

To you it might seem strange. To me not so strange. To me it is handsome. To me it is just a little help. Not strange. Austin is one Special Kid. He has changed my world so much. I would like to think I can now look outside the box a little more. I can accept things the way they are a little better. I believe in God and accept what he gives me. I can love like I never thought possible. I loved before Austin don't get me wrong. I have a wonderful husband and a mamma's boy "almost" 5 year old, Bryce. Something about Austin though just makes you feel good inside. He has that kind of power. From those chunky legs, to the cheesy smile, up to the crazy hair. I love it all. Especially those "baby feet".

Here are some pictures from our standing up with our AFO's. He stood up for a very long time. All he needed was Reese's Puffs. LOL. Bet you didn't think food would motivate my Chunky Monkey, did ya? :)