Saturday, February 28, 2009

My baby boy

So the story continues. When Bryce was getting close to 2 me and Marshall started to think about our life and our family. Marshall really wanted to have at least 2 kids and have them close together. Him and his brother were 5 years apart and he didn't want that. That is when we made the decision to go ahead and see what happens with a second child. Little did we know we may already have had this planned before the talk. The plan was to try to get pregnant around Bryce's 2nd birthday and hopefully be potty trained so we wouldn't have 2 in diapers. Well might I just say one of us is SUPER fertile. LOL. Austin was already growing in mommy's tummy at Bryce's 2nd birthday. I was 4 months pregnant. When we found out we also decided to buy our first home. Bryce was not thrilled to be getting a brother. He was so use to being the only one there and being very spoiled himself. I don't really think he understood what was going on. Well I had the best pregnancy I could ask for. Sick in the morning every now and then. Tried to walk every day. I was also pregnant with a friend and that was nice. I felt great! Well 8 months pregnant I was already starting to dilate and Austin was measuring big. Dr wasn't concerned but had a good feeling with this being me second he might come a little early. My due date was April 4th but we went ahead and scheduled to induce at the end of March because they knew he was going to be a BIG boy. Well my body knew things were going to happen differently. I woke up on March 20th like normal. Marshall was getting ready to leave for work. I went to the bathroom and SCREAMED. I wasn't in pain but was bleeding like you wouldn't believe. I though that something was really wrong or I was going to have this baby in the bathroom. Thank Goodness Marshall hadn't left yet. He came in there and grabbed Bryce and helped me to the car. WE dropped Bryce off at his parent at 5 in the morning and went straight to the hospital. On the way there contractions started getting about 3-4 minutes apart. Come to find out everything was fine. Something was happening where you are dilating and your are "effacing" at the same time and it just pushed everything out. Baby was great though I was just in labor. A weight was lifted. Come to find out though I was dilated to a 5 almost 6 and 100% effaced. With my OBGYN being in C-Sections all morning they wanted me to try to hold off so he could deliver so I got my epidural and just waited. Around noon he came in and said he was almost finished to they gave me some medicine to get things going again since I couldn't feel anything. That went right into effect. Not even 2 hours later Austin Dale Lorance showed his beautiful face. Almost 3 weeks early but perfect in every way. 7 lbs 4 oz and 21 inches long. Just minutes oldBryce meets his baby brother
1 day old

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine...IT'S A GIRL!!!

We had Valentines a day early this year. Friday we bought the boys a puppy. She is an 8 week old Golden Retriever and the sweetest thing ever. I was really looking foward to see how the boys would react to her. Austin doesn't really know what to thing. Valley just loves to lick all over him but we are already running into her wanting to chew his processors. Oh No. We can not have that. Bryce was SO SO SO excited. He loves her to death and wants to carry her everywhere. We are crate training and Bryce doesn't want her to go in there and it is a little funny and sad at the same time. So far everything is good. It will be a lot better when we get this little girl trained to pee and poop outside...LOL. Yesterday we spent Valentines day going to PetSmart to buy all her little puppy thing and wanted to take her to the dog part but it was way too cold. Tessa's already go to watch her and we went to eat with my mom, brother, and sister- in-law. Had a nice dinner then a trip to Super Target. I could talk about Super Target all day. I really love that place...Here are pictures of Valentine meeting her new family.

Valley meets her mommy

She was so good in the car

Valley meets Austin

Valley meets Bryce

Finally Home!
Meeting daddy.

So tired!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So I thought you may be wondering about my last blog. What happened with the plans to move to Florida? Well here is the story and probably way more details than you want to know. LOL

So we submitted financial aid papers, checked out apartments near Orlando, had a chance to transfer with the bank...Everything seemed to fall into place.

November was already here and we planned to move April 2004. I just so happened to be on my last pack of birth control too. So I made an appointment for my dreaded yearly. December I went. Got my prescription and figured I would go ahead and get enough for the whole year since we were moving. Spent like $120 I think too. So as most of you women know I was waiting for my "friend" to start that new pack of pills. So, December..nothing. At this point I was thinking that my body was adjusting to not being on anything and all whacked up. January....nothing. Still my body get used to this change. February...nothing. I almost forgot that I didn't have one in December or January. March is here and something is up. Wait...I think I am going to be sick. LOL. I go to the Dr and confirm the obvious. I am almost 3 months pregnant. Wow that went by fast.

So goodbye sunny Florida and hello Bryce Marshall Lorance.

I stayed at the bank and we decided staying here was the best thing for everyone. It was just not meant to be. In the back of my mind I was really happy to not have to leave all my friends and family. I honestly think Marshall may have had second thought anyways. Bryce was born October 28th, 2004. I also decided to stay home with him as he was such a blessing. No work and all play. Some of the best days of my life. Here a picture just minutes after he was born.More to come when I scan them...
Bryce's hospital picture.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I Do

So in June 2003 Me and Marshall decided to take a vacation. I had been working at the bank a while and Marshall had finished school and was working at MacSteel for over a year. We decided on Cocoa Beach, FL. While there he wanted to visit the San Diego Golf Academy in Orlando. He was in love. Golf is his passion. He was really serious. After getting home and getting paper work he requested from the school I knew he was serious. The more he talked about it the more I thought, "Could I really leave everything and everyone to move to FL with my boyfriend?". I voiced my concern. Marshall thought about it and saw my point. In July it was just a normal day when I thought Marshall was going to leave and go without me. He went on about how he knew it would be hard and he understood why I didn't want to go THEN as I was about to start crying he said "Or you could marry me". I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. LOL. Obviously I said yes. I immediately started looking at wedding plans. Being 19 I had no idea what I was even doing. So I thought it would be best for us to just elope and get married in FL. My parents had something else in mind. My mother told me to keep my options open. That is when she wanted to take me to a place to see if I liked it. We pulled up and it was beautiful. The Falcon Manor Historical Mansion. This was the place. I knew it would be perfect. It was booked on the spot. Being said this meant the wedding was in 2 short months. September 27th 2003. I found a dress that fit perfect, had the bridemaids picked and found some dresses right off of a JCPenny rack, the guys tuxes were ordered, the cake was ordered, the Mansion was paid to do all the food and decorations, the photographer was hired. Next thing I knew the wedding was in 1 week. I had no worries. The whole morning of the wedding it poured rain. Normally wouldn't be a big deal but our wedding was outside in the courtyard. They called that morning and wanted to know what we wanted to do. We could move the wedding inside the carraige house or try to see if it will stop and maybe have the wedding later than planned. I told them to hold off. I had a feeling it would stop. Sure enough it ended up being a bright and sunny day. I think I will let the pictures speak for the rest of the day. I couldn't wait to tell this man "I Do" .

This is my mom helping me with all those finishing touches.

And my Maid of Honor, Jessica. Even way back then I don't know what I would have done without her.

I was ready to marry the man of my dreams.

This is my dad. He just told me how beautiful I was all day.

These were my girls. Jessica, Tessa, Beth, and Kara.
Our flower girl and ring bearer were both little girls and sisters. Marshall's cousins. We had absolutely no boys on either side at this point. The girls did a wonderful job.

Marshall's best man was his brother, Chris. His groomsmen were Dusty, Ricky, and Tony.
Now it was time for my daddy to walk me down.

This part went by so fast. Before I knew it we were married and I was Mrs. Lorance.
This was in front of the Mansion right after the wedding. We had a few minutes alone.
It was time for cake. You know I made him go first....
And our toaste.
then the 1st dance as husband and wife
We all knew Kara would catch it. She had a foot on everyone. LOL.Gotta love the pink flipflops.
I still love all these girls!
Of course, Marshall couldn't wait to get out of that tux. Bubbles everywhere. A perfect day coming to an end. The day I said, "I Do".