Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Vote Please...

A good friend of mine, Angie Gambill, is a great photographer. Please check out her blog and vote...

(#2 for the Lorance Family)



Sunday, January 18, 2009

Do you ever?

Do you ever just have one of "those" days. All you do is think why this and why that. Like for instance....

Why is it that my 4 years old never wants to wear clothes? I promise he has them.

Or maybe you wonder why is it that the baby always gets under the table and can't get out? And while we were talking about the table, why is it that no matter how many times a day you sweep it always needs to be done again 30 minutes later.

Can anyone answer these questions?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

1999... I met the love of my life

This post is the story of Marshall Lorance and Tabetha Bowling. Marshall was a way too popular for me Junior and I was a shy Freshman whose heart sunk every time I would see him. We went to a very small high school so that was often. I actually dated a guy the beginning of the school year that was one of Marshall's friends AND one of my brothers friends. I don't even know if you would really call it dating though at 14. Mostly we went to school basketball games and he took me home from school. We were "bf and gf" though. He had been around my family for many years and my dad did not like this at all. I mean he had slept at my house many times when he was younger. I have to admit it was all a little weird but, I was a freshman and he asked me out. What could I say? He was a Junior. Okay so lets go to after Christmas Break freshman year. I hung out with another guy that was also a freshman but we were never really "together". Also, right after Christmas I met my great friend, Tiffonie. She also dated one of Marshall's good friends, Josh. We hung out ALOT. This is how me and Marshall officially met. I went to a basketball tournament with the "freshman" guy. I guess he was more into the guys there because he totally ignored me the whole time and that is when Josh's best friend, Marshall, decided to come give me a little company. Needless to say I rode home with Josh and Tiff. So anyways Tiffonie immediately wanted to know what I thought about Marshall. He was so cute, a JUNIOR, and did I mention so cute. So I knew he wouldn't give me the time of day but little did I know he thought I was cute too. So tiff asked if she could give him my phone number and that is where the story officially begins.
This was the actually piece of paper that she wrote my # down on and Marshall saved it all this time. Of course now it is scrapbooked!

We talked every day from that moment on. We would hang out at Josh's house or at Tiff's house. I wasn't really sure how my parents would feel about me dating so I kind of kept it a secret for a while. Finally after a couple of weeks Marshall finally asked me the big question. His exact words were, "Will you be my girlfriend". I kind of laughed but I said yes. The date was
March 12, 1999. A date I will never forget. My 15th birthday was in 2 weeks on the 26th so I decided this would make a great 1st real date. Marshall surprised me and didn't tell me where we were going and I was really excited, and nervous that this was our first time to be alone. Just me and him one on one dating. When he came to the door my dad wanted to see his drivers license before he could take me away. LOL. How embarrassing. It was a perfect night and when we got to the restaurant I saw some faces that I knew. That is right. He surprised me with a wonderful meal at Demos' and my 2 best friends and their date. I tell ya this really made things feel so relaxed. Amazing how he knew just what to do (with some help from my friend, Tiffonie). He bought me several gift (and didn't even have a job--Thanks Shandra..hehehe). Not bad for my boyfriend of 2 weeks. I just knew he had to be worth hanging onto..

This is a picture that they took at Demos' the night of my birthday dinner and our first date.

I wish I could say that me and Marshall have been together every day since March of 1999 but it just doesn't work that way. We went through school together. We had our breakups. We had our fights. We even dated other people for a short while. But in the end we always found our way back to each other. I can say that Marshall is the only man I have ever loved with all my heart. I am so blessed. Shortly after I was finished with high school there was another memorable moment that came. Don't worry I will not leave you hanging too long. I will say though that a diamond rings was involved. :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well yesterday morning was a pretty normal day. The boys were sitting in the chair so I decided to get my camera. I thought it was cute that Bryce was letting Austin lay his leg on him.
Little did I know what was to come. The bad thing is I was taking pictures while it was happening and didn't know exactly what was going on. Till Bryce started balling. Seems Austin finally was at the other end of the fight this time. LOL. I did really feel bad though and slammed my camera down right after I DID realize what happened. Bryce started crying, then Austin was crying because Bryce was, then I was because they were...What? I get emotional when it comes to my boys...

XMas Day

So this is a little late too but I just finished the first Twilight book. SO GOOD. Don't think this means I will be blogging like crazy though because I still have 3 more to go...LOL. Well anyways, here is a little recap of Christmas Day 2008 at the Lorance house. Me and Austin were the first to wake up.

He is always such a little happy camper when he wakes up.

And he was the first to see the Santa gifts. So, as the morning went on I made sausage balls while waiting on Bryce and Marshall to wake up. They were made, cooked, and cooled and still no sign of the sleepy heads. So I finally went to wake them at 7:30 am. Finally after me telling Bryce "Santa came, Santa Came Bryce" (like a 4 year old would do) He woke up to see.
He got just wanted he asked for. He is at that remote control car stage ya know. It was great to see his face as he opened all his gifts. It was priceless. This is the first year he was really into it and so excited.
Finally after opening gifts we took a few pictures and prepared things for Christmas brunch with Marshall's parents.
How could you not just love this face?
Konnor and Bryce opening presents from Nana and Papa
And diapers are always good :)
Now what would Christmas be without a visit from my best friend in the whole world.
And I just couldn't leave this out for anyone who has ever been to my house. Okay I will start by saying, Yes our refrigerator was not beautiful but it worked great and was FREE. LOL. Everyone makes fun of it. Well, Marshall parents were so great that they decided for Christmas this year our perfect and very practical gift would be nothing other that a NEW FRIDGE! We love it!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Working Mom

Well..This has been an interesting week. This was my first week as a working mom with 2 kiddos. I can't wait to tell you all about it. First of all might I just say I love where I work and love most of the people that I work with. Everyone has welcomed me back and it feels like I never left. To many I have said I feel like I have been on a 2 yr vacation. So the first week mostly consisted of coworkers saying..."Hey, It's you, You are back?" and me saying "yes I am". The always the second part, "How is the baby?". "Well he will be 2 in March (but he is still my baby)". Wow, I can't believe it has been 2 years since we were blessed with Austin Dale Lorance. He has touched so many people and he doesn't even know it yet. Don't worry though I will be sure to tell him. Only when his processors are on though so he will be able to hear it. haha. I am very excited to tell you all the story of me and Marshall and how we started and the story of why Austin is such a blessing. Bryce...You will hear many things about him. My mamma's boy that is mean as a snake. And so full of personality. Well anywho, Last weekend of deer hunting. That's right my husband started hunting again this season and I don't really like it. So, Maybe I will get to share some things with all of you since he will be hunting all weekend. Bye for now and GO TITANS!!!!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Big Day

As most of you know I have been home with my boys for almost 2 years. Well, Tomorrow is the big day. That is right. I will be a working mommy again. Returning back to State Farm part time. I am really excited but I also have a milion things that I wanted to get done but dinner, Desperate Housewives, and a few hours sleep I don't see much getting done. Well I guess while I am going to blog I will tell ya a little about my weekend. Saturday we met up with some awesome friends that live in Nashville. If it were not for the huge fit Bryce had at WalMart Friday we might have been able to mmet at Discovery Center as planned. That is right. Laying on the ground, arms around my ankles, and me dragging him as I walk. That is my child. Saturday morning he was still in trouble. We did manage to make it for lunch though. After we dropped the boys off with Aunt Jessie for about an hour or so to get shopping done at the Avenue. Somewhere during the day I also realized (after Anna asking me how many teeth he had) that Austin has 3 teeth that I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT. How did I miss this. Just one side is broken though on 3 teeth and the are WAY in the back. Guess I wasn't looking for them to come back there. Okay so then there is today, Sunday. As we were getting ready for Church I noticed 2 MORE TEETH. One broken through and another showing just a peek of white. Austin took almost 14 months to get 1 tooth and now he will be 2 in March and it is like, bam. So Church was good. Bryce went to Children's church and actually behaved 2 weeks in a row. WOW. This is a huge accomplishment because they ised to bring him back. LOL. So now dinner is probably burning so I better go. I'll let oyu know how work is tomorrow.

PS- I know some of you may be wondering...well what about the boys and especially Austin when I go to work. Don't worry. Everything is taken care of. Bryce will be back at MsNanny's and Austin is at Special Kids and with his Nana on Wednesdays. I'll tell you all about that later.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Well I guess I will go back to Christmas 08 since it was only a few weeks ago. A few of us girls decided to have a little pot luck dinner instead of buying gifts. We had a great time. All of our spouses were there (with the exception of BJ because he didn't fly in till Christmas Eve). It was a great time. And Jessica I am still waiting for the picture of all of us together. I told yall she wouldn't send it out...LOL.

Tessa, Me, Tamara, Julie, Jessica, and beautiful Jaysie in front

Next was Christmas Eve at my Mom's house. This is one of my favorite pictures so I had to post it first. Austin is so funny!

We ate our traditional ham and turkey dinner and opened gifts. Thanks for the Wii mom! It was a wonderful afternoon.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Beginnings

So this is a new year. I am sure you are all just so curious what the Lorance's did last night. (joke) Well, we enjoyed a very nice night at home. It was actually a lot better than it sounds. This is the first year Bryce stayed up till midnight. He thought it was great! Austin fell asleep early but woke up tight before midnight when we gave him his medicine. He doesn't usually wake up but to our surprise he decided to do a little stinky while asleep in his crib. Seeing as it was right before midnight I just had to wake him for the 1st family picture of 2009. I know, bad mommy. Anyways, the hubby and I played Wii for several hours and I drank some much needed red wine. As you might guess I am a little sore today. If you have not played you must come over ASAP. One of the best gifts this Christmas. We had several great ones. I know this blog is going to go a little backward for a while but I have to get everyone up to date. As I said before I have lots to say so it may take a while...LOL. I want to wish everyone a great 2009. Here are a few pictures of the family for the New Years Eve house party.

Wii Control in hand....LOL

Playing with Austin before he went to sleep NYE

1st family photo of 2009